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We Believe In Coffee That Tastes Incredible

The aroma of freshly roasted beans coupled with barista’s that know how to brew the best coffee from the freshest beans, and our in-house roaster, make for an amazing experience at Armistice


The perfectly roasted coffee with frothed milk to silky smooth perfection makes for a delightful drink

Pour Over

Pour over coffee has no grit and has a texture that’s more akin to what you’d get from an automatic drip machine: smooth and lighter


Our coffee is roasted in house and ground extremley fresh, and our barista’s are fully trained to ensure they server the BEST tasting Espresso¬†

Our Story

Rebecca started her journey with coffee in 2009. Her goal was to find a space that allowed her to serve the community in a personal way, and the cafe atmosphere was the perfect platform to do so. After working her way up at various companies, she realized she would never have the autonomy she needed to create safe spaces for both customers and employees alike. Through this struggle, Armistice was born. Her goal? To bring people together, to meet people where they are in life, and to serve delicious coffees to a growing community.

Roasted Daily

Our roasting machine allows full manual control over the process and also enables our artisan roasters the ability to monitor and adjust every stage of flavor development

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Perfect Blend

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Now Three Locations to serve you

Eastlake, Roosevelt and Pike Place

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(206) 708-7501

2201 Eastlake Ave E,
Seattle, WA 98102


(206) 453-4901

6717 Roosevelt Way NE #101
Seattle, WA 98115

Pike Place

(206) 708-7420

1914 1st Ave.
Seattle, WA 98101