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Armistice Coffee specializes in freshly roasted coffees and providing a unique sense of community to Seattle’s Eastlake neighborhood. We roast our coffees in-store so everyone can be involved in the process from start to finish. We partnered with local bakeries to provide snacks that compliment our specific blends and single origins.


Established in 2018.

This is my first store, and it has been a dream of mine to own my coffee shop since I first started in the industry back in 2009. It was a long process of waiting and planning, but finally, we opened our doors to the public in July of 2018. Our goal is to serve our guests freshly roasted coffee and provide a home-like environment where they can end the ongoing battle with their daily life and find peace at Armistice.

Meet the Business Owner

Rebecca S.

Rebecca started her journey with coffee in 2009. Her goal was to find a space that allowed her to serve the community in a personal way, and the cafe atmosphere was the perfect platform to do so. After working her way up at various companies, she realized she would never have the autonomy she needed to create safe spaces for both customers and employees alike. Through this struggle, Armistice was born. Her goal? To bring people together, to meet people where they are in life, and to serve delicious coffees to a growing community. 

We Serve Delicious Coffee

Join us at either location to taste and experience the love that goes into roasting our beans and making the best cup of coffee for our patrons

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Two Locations to serve you

Eastlake and Roosevelt

Food - Coffee - Full Bar




(206) 708-7501

2201 Eastlake Ave E, Seattle


(206) 453-4901

6717 Roosevelt Way NE #101,
Seattle, WA 98115